Venturing boldly into the abstract! This artwork is inspired by the thick brush strokes of Pierre Soulages and the royal blues of the Mediterranean. 

Pierre is a 100 year old French artist who is known for his thick black brushstrokes (called ‘outrenoir’, meaning 'unaccountable' or ‘beyond black’ in French) against lighter backgrounds. He is deemed “The Greatest Living Artist” of our modern art era. 

The royal blue lines suggest a simple and peaceful scene - a sailboat in the water. The shimmering background is white pearl which hints at fresh pearls from the sea. The thick lines and texture are both intentional, giving it more life.

Fun fact: The title of the piece"Barka" is translated as 'small boat' in Croatian.

I found this to be a very happy, light, and playful piece - see the boat dance in the water! 

Canvas size 12" X 16", available at $300.

All pieces are original, and painted on demand. Please contact me to request your very own painting!