Mom & Child

On the surface it looks like a simple and colourful abstract piece, but I’d love to share the depth behind it:

  • first and foremost, the line drawing is inspired by the beautiful works of both @andrea_m_kollar and @anna_bressi 

  • the arms and hair are each one continuous line, much like the connection between mom & child

  • sun represents her warmth

  • clouds are her weathering life’s storms 

  • vase symbolizes the birth figure and her containing life

  • plant is always growing, much like a child

This was a birthday gift for my own mama this past weekend 🥰

Medium: Acrylic paint on 8"x 10" cotton canvas

Canvas sizes available: 
12" X 16" 
16" X 20" 
18" X 24" 
Prices starting at $300. Larger sizes available upon request.